Training & Therapy

Work with a Certified Athletic Trainer. Focus on injury treatment, prevention, core stability, functional movement, lifestyle, nutrition, mobility, and sports performance.

Event Coverage

Provide a Certified Athletic Trainer at your next event.  We cover events including health & wellness fairs, CrossFit competitions, Triathlons, Obstacle Races, Ultra Endurance events and high school sports.

Corporate Wellness

We create healthier, more productive employees by reducing pain, improving productivity, while saving corporations millions of dollars in workers’ comp and other expenses.

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Holistic Approach to Sports Medicine

Many therapists treat symptoms. We treat movement dysfunction.  We recognize that pain & performance is physical, neurological, emotional and the result of movement patterns.

The Burdenko Method

Functional movement patterns were developed by Igor Burdenko in the USSR long before popular 'American sports specialists' were even born. This method revolutionized fitness across the world. C.A.T. founder Joshua Thompson has blended this method with advanced sports medicine techniques to provide a unique and superior style of training.


Health Should be Affordable

Get the second opinion that could change your life. Consults starting at $50.  Find out how we can help you or your company.