Upcoming Event Schedule

Here is a list of events in September and October where I will be providing Athletic Training services.  If you know of any other events I should be at, post a comment, or message me on social media.  I am always looking to be hired for these type of CrossFit, Triathlon, Endurance races and Corporate Wellness Events.


  • September 13:   Total Wellness Corporate Expo 1030-130pm @ Greenwood Village, Denver
  • September 13:   Evo Bouldering Competition.  5-8pm @ Evo Rock and Fitness
  • September 15: Box Bash CrossFit Profectus 8am-5pm
  • September 16: Triathlon WithoutLimits Harvest Moon @ Boulder Reservoir
  • September 20: Total Wellness Corporate Expo 1030-130pm @ Wells Fargo, Denver
  • September 22: Girls Gone Rx Charity ”CrossFit” Competition  (Unconfirmed)
  • September 23: Triathlon WithoutLimits Oktoberfest @ Calkins Lake, Longmont


  • October 4:   Total Wellness Corporate Expo 1030-130 @ N&S Denver
  • October 9:   Total Wellness Corporate Expo 1030-130 @ Janus Galleria, Denver
  • October 10: Harmony Health Fairs 11-2pm @ Blueprint, Denver
  • October 11: Total Wellness Corporate Expo 1030-130 @ Janus North, Denver
  • October 13: Orange Theory Fitness Stadium Challenge @ CU Boulder (Unconfirmed)


If you are preparing for an event and need a full body release, fill out the contact form to make an appointment.

A full body release can be anything, but usually it focuses on these areas:

  1. Hip & Spine Alignment
  2. Psoas
  3. Glutes
  4. Rotator Cuff & Shoulder Capsule
  5. Calf Release (soleus)

After this type of release, you should feel ”Springy” and ”Fresh” like you can move better than you’ve been able to move in years. The best time to get this done is 3-8 days before a big event.

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